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Creation and maintenance of project documentation, as well as control over the execution of work throughout the construction process

Control at all stages of the work and over the progress of their implementation, as well as full responsibility for their quality and the final result

Implementation of construction support, in terms of the coordination of participants, at all stages: from design, to commissioning of objects

We see as our duty the suppression of negative impacts on nature and resources, the elimination of negative consequences during construction.

  Over the years, the team of LLC InzStroy gained a reputation as a responsible, and most importantly, reliable partner. Our specialists with the necessary skills, experience and qualifications will make the construction process automated, while constantly introducing innovative technologies and optimizing material and labor costs.

  Nowadays, a competitive market is represented by many companies in the construction industry. Admitting to our projects professionals of a narrow, and most importantly necessary profile: we achieve higher quality and lower deadlines for the work. Only with such a clear process planning is it possible to achieve high results.

  With us you will not have to deal with everyday problems in construction as we guarantee high labor productivity, and there is always a guarantee for the work performed. Contact the friendly team of LLC InzStroy and we will build the future together with you!





We are building future